LV Standard Group Georgia

LV Standard seismic survey (rus)


The Company has acting Seismic department.
High experienced staff can provide the following services:

-Planning the field seismic operations both for 2D and 3D.

-Providing  drilling which with portable equipment, auger and tractor mounted units;

-Providing  with seismic field crews for laying the recording  equipment  both cable and wireless systems;

-Supply  seismic contractor with any type of vehicles which is in use for seismic field operation (incl. recording truck and ambulance car);

-Providing through the certificated local company  full service related to the operations with explosive : purchasing, delivery, transporting, convoy during transportation,  storing, loading, shooting and guarding on the field fly storage;

-Other services which could be order by seismic company (custom clearance, equipment mob-demob, organizing fly-camp, catering and etc.).






Company was involved in field seismic operations as a subcontractor on different territories in Georgia with complicated geological and surface conditions.


The Company staff with experience of working on such areas could provide the high quality service.



Implemented services in seismic projects:

-CGG (France) in West Georgia 1985 with vibrators (individuals under the Georgia Geophysics of Georgia Oil Department )

-GII (Israel) in Kartli area (central  part of Georgia for JKX Oil&Gas) 1994

-GII (Israel) in Imereti  (West Georgia for Strait Oil & Gas) 2009-2010 and 2012

-GII (Israel) Near Tbilisi area for Norio Operating  Company 2011

-Prospectiuni (Romania) Kartli for Norio Operating Company 2012

-DMT (Germany) Near Tbilisi area for CanArgo  2013

-Krakow Geophysics (Poland) West Georgia for VP Georgia 2013

Global Geophysics (USA) Kakheti (individuals for company Frontera Resources Georgia, 2007;